Xanax as a Tinnitus treatment

One of life’s less pleasant facts is that people get older. As this happens, things that used to work don’t work so well. This includes muscles, eyes and especially ears. Hearing is the first thing to go for most individuals, and a majority of people over the age of sixty have more or less serious hearing issues of one type or another. The loss of hearing often comes hand in hand with a condition called Tinnitus. Tinnitus is a hearing issue that most people have experienced or will experience at some point of their lives. It is characterized by a ringing, clicking or whistling sound that seems to come from inside of the ear canal. People who suffer from Tinnitus hear this noise even in completely silent environments, when there’s no external noise present. It might not seem like a big deal at first, but sometimes these sounds can go on for hours upon hours, making it very hard for people affected by Tinnitus to relax, concentrate or sleep. There are several ways of dealing with the issue, from old wives remedies to pharmaceuticals. One of the most effective means of battling Tinnitus and it’s unpleasant symptoms is with the aid of Xanax. Read on to find out if Xanax is the right treatment for you.


First thing you should know if you are debating if you should use Xanax as a tinnitus drug or not is that Xanax has really never been designed with Tinnitus in mind. At best, Xanax can be used to treat Tinnitus as an “off label” cure – meaning that it’s effects of Tinnitus are really incidental. Xanax is in fact a prescription drug that’s issued by doctors who treat patients who suffer from depression or mild to severe anxiety and panic attacks disorders. At one point, maybe even during the clinical trials, someone who was taking Xanax to help relieve their anxiety or depression and who also happened to be suffering from Tinnitus as well must have noticed that Tinnitus seems to go away while he was taking Xanax. Since that first discovery, the knowledge spread and it almost became common for some doctors to routinely prescribe Xanax and similar benzodiazepines and other anti anxiety drugs for Tinnitus. However, you should be careful if you are thinking about trying Xanax as a treatment for your ringing in the ears and other bothersome symptoms of Tinnitus – it’s a highly potent drug, and it should be approached with respect it deserves.


As is the case with most prescription drugs, especially those that have an effect on the Central Nervous System and the brain, it’s going to have some negative side effects for some patients. Although it might be very effective when it comes to dealing with your Tinnitus, it might also cause some problems that can make the cure worse than the illness This is exactly the reason why Xanax is not available over the counter. If you happen to try Xanax as a Tinnitus treatment, and experience any difficulties or unexpected side effects, you should stop immediately and call your doctor for an appointment as soon as possible.