Can Xanax help you lose weight?

Most of our readers are probably familiar with Xanax. It’s a fast acting sedative used for treatment of mild to severe panic attacks, anxiety disorders and clinical depression. Xanax is considered to be a benzodiazepame, the same basic type of medicine as Valium, and it’s usage is officially limited to dealing with psychological and physical symptoms of anxiety and depression related disorders. When used this way it’s effects, side effects and contra indications are well known and documented, and it seems that there’s nothing new to be said about Xanax. But did you know that Xanax seems to have another, less known property? Some people do, and they have been using it for an unexpected effect – as a diet pill. 

It might seem like a wild and crazy idea – I mean, who would realistically think about using something that’s designed to deal with serious psychological issues such are depression, panic attacks and anxiety disorders as a weight loss pill? No matter how strange it might sound, more than a few individuals from different parts of the country have reported achieving tremendous weight loss results with the help of Xanax. Is there some truth to these claims? How can Xanax help people lose weight?


While the properties of Xanax as an anti anxiety and anti depression medication have been thoroughly tested and documented, no clinical research has yet focused on it’s effects as a weight loss pill. Therefore, there’s no real, solid clinical data to support or reject these claims. In the absence of clinical evidence, the only thing left is to rely on empirical proof, and there’s plenty of that, if you believe the testimonials that the Xanax users in question have left online. Still, no matter how many people might claim that you can lose weight safely and quickly with the help of Xanax, you should never take it unless your doctor OK’s it or prescribed Xanax to you to treat depression, anxiety or panic attacks. Xanax is a highly potent and addictive medication, and should never be taken lightly. Never start taking Xanax on your own, no matter how easy it might be to order it online. Always consult with your doctor or licensed medical practitioner such as a pharmacist before taking any prescription drugs, including Xanax and other benzodiazepames.


If you choose to disregard warnings and start taking Xanax to complement your weighty loss diet, you need to be aware that there’s a good chance that you might become addicted to it if you don’t know what you are doing. Your body can quickly build tolerance to it’s effects, so it’s easy to make the mistake of taking more and more Xanax to achieve the original results. Never do this, and never take Xanax for more than a few weeks in the row without giving your body some time to rest from it.


It’s hard to say if Xanax is really efficient as a diet pill. If you want to find out on your own, good luck – but don’t forget to consult your doctor before you start taking it.